Help monitor feral cat activity in the SA Murray-Darling Basin

Hopefully many of you are on holidays right now! Possibly travelling around the State even.
If you need a more interesting version of ‘eye-spy’ on your journey perhaps consider using the FeralScan apps. When you spot a feral animal such as a fox, rabbit or cat, you can use the app to log the sighting and help with research.
FeralScan, from the Invasive Animals CRC is a citizen science project where sightings of feral animals can be logged and the information used for research and projects. The more information provided, the more useful the tool will be.
Natural Resources, SA Murray-Darling Basin has its own portal for FeralCatScan –
Feral cats cause significant problems throughout the Murray-Darling Basin. They prey on our native wildlife and have been implicated in the spread of diseases that affect livestock and farm productivity – such as Toxoplasmosis and Sarcosporidiosis.
FeralCatScan offers a way of recording feral cats in our local area. Information you record in FeralCatScan or with the App will help to identify hot-spots for feral cats across the SA Murray-Darling Basin, and help to identify solutions to the feral cat problem throughout our region.
So if you are spending some time in the SA Murray-Darling basin area, please record sightings of feral cats in your local area, as well as the problems they’re causing and control actions you implement.

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